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Alternatieve opvulling voor die lege webvlakken

Je kent als webontwikkelaar wel dit bekende probleem. Bij de ontwikkeling van een nieuwe website zie je die grote lege vlakken. Het gaat hier niet om functioneel wit, maar om content die je nog niet hebt ontvangen van de opdrachtgever. Om de website toch een opvulling te geven maken webdesigners al jaren gebruik van de oude opvultaal Lorus Ipsum.

Op 42BIS staat nu het artikel:  19X LOREM IPSUM, VAN HODOR TOT CORPORATE KUL.  Nu raad je het al. 19 verschillende alternatieven voor het saaie Lorus Ipsum.  Hieronder de Riker Ipsum.

In all trust, there is the possibility for betrayal. I guess it’s better to be lucky than good. Ensign Babyface! Talk about going nowhere fast. and attack the Romulans. I’m afraid I still don’t understand, sir. Some days you get the bear, and some days the bear gets you. Maybe if we felt any human loss as keenly as we feel one of those close to us, human history would be far less bloody. Now we know what they mean by ‘advanced’ tactical training. I think you’ve let your personal feelings cloud your judgement. I recommend you don’t fire until you’re within 40,000 kilometers. Smooth as an android’s bottom, eh, Data? The game’s not big enough unless it scares you a little. Then maybe you should consider this: if anything happens to them, Starfleet is going to want a full investigation. What’s a knock-out like you doing in a computer-generated gin joint like this? We know you’re dealing in stolen ore. But I wanna talk about the assassination attempt on Lieutenant Worf. About four years. I got tired of hearing how young I looked. Computer, belay that order. Now, how the hell do we defeat an enemy that knows us better than we know ourselves? Our neural pathways have become accustomed to your sensory input patterns. The Enterprise computer system is controlled by three primary main processor cores, cross-linked with a redundant melacortz ramistat, fourteen kiloquad interface modules. Why don’t we just give everybody a promotion and call it a night – ‘Commander’? My oath is between Captain Kargan and myself. Your only concern is with how you obey my orders. Or do you prefer the rank of prisoner to that of lieutenant? Commander William Riker of the Starship Enterprise. I suggest you drop it, Mr. Data. I am your worst nightmare! Your head is not an artifact! Earl Grey tea, watercress sandwiches… and Bularian canapés? Are you up for promotion? You did exactly what you had to do. You considered all your options, you tried every alternative and then you made the hard choice. Besides, you look good in a dress. I can’t. As much as I care about you, my first duty is to the ship. Some days you get the bear, and some days the bear gets you. I’ve had twelve years to think about it. And if I had it to do over again, I would have grabbed the phaser and pointed it at you instead of them. And blowing into maximum warp speed, you appeared for an instant to be in two places at once. How long can two people talk about nothing? You’re going to be an interesting companion, Mr. Data. Mr. Worf, you sound like a man who’s asking his friend if he can start dating his sister.

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