How to use a Sony camera as a webcam without a capture card

I have to disappoint you that I can’t give you the solution today. But be patient. Maybe soon Sony will release special software for it. In the meantime, there is a hack you can use. It involves using the Sony remote management software which will show the viewfinder of the Sony camera on your computer screen. With software as OBS or Streamlabs, you can capture this stream for your video conference software.

The coronavirus covid19 crisis has made companies creative to support people who need to stay home because of social distancing. Synology is giving away free VPN licenses, PRUSA 3D printer is sharing how to make a spat protection screen. Hackers are using cheap heart rate sensors to monitor your oxygen levels and Wyze has released a firmware that can turn your security camera in a USB webcam.

Sony makes some of the best cameras on the market. I have the Sony RX100 Mark 3. a truly amazing product. It shoots pictures almost as good as a big DLSR. But it fits in the palm of your hand. It can do almost everything except it can’t record video through the USB port. My Canon DLSR camera can do this without any pain. I connect it with a USB cable to my computer, start a piece of software and its a webcam. But not with Sony.

The coronavirus has kept most of us home. Webcam (and toilet paper) are now hard to get. Can Sony not release a piece of software that can turn our great camera in a webcam? Technical this is simple. The cameras can already show the image of the viewfinder in the Sony remote software.

Let’s ask Sony.

Sony’s first response was that you can do this with a capture device. But those are now harder to get than ever. I ask Sony again if it possible to make a piece of software that makes is possible to use the USB cable. The response was that I have to check the Sony website regularly for updates.

What do you think this means? Sony will help us in the future so we can use our great camera’s as webcam or… Sony can not release this software because this company is ruled by managers. Releasing software like this will interfere with the professional camera department.

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