There is a design flaw in the Logitech MX Master 2S. The good news: You can fix it yourself.

The MX Master 2S is Logitech’s battleship. Every time when I’m using this mouse I get that warm feeling. It’s just a damn good mouse. But this mouse has a small design flaw which freezes all the function. The mouse on the screen doesn’t move anymore. The good news is that you can fix this problem yourself.

The problem resides in the gesture button. When you use the gesture button, a small plastic bump will push a little microswitch. As the mouse gets older this plastic bump can get stuck in the microswitch. The microswitch gets stuck and it doesn’t release itself anymore.

The gesture button is in the thumb rest

When I googled about this problem I found out that I’m not alone with this problem. There are two solutions offered.

  1. Open the mouse. Cut the cable to the gesture button and close the mouse again. You can’t use this button anymore.
  2. Open the mouse. Loosen the screws of the gesture button and close the mouse again. This will move the microswitch a few micrometers so the button work again.

I don’t like the first solution. That solution is destroying a helpful function on an expensive mouse. I’m using the gesture function as a quick way to switch between spaces on my MacBook. Solution two didn’t help. This is not the first time that I opened my mouse. I already opened the mouse and adjusted the screw of the gesture button. This solution is not a permanent solution. It just postpones the problem with a couple of months.

You have to remove the gliding pads to open the mouse

Opening the mouse can be a littlest tricky. You have to remove six screws. Two are visible. four are hidden under sliding pads. You can remove the sliding pads carefully so you can stick them back later. I don’t want to be bothered with saving the sliding pads. For three dollars I bought a set of new pads. Please be careful. There is a flat cable between the two plastic parts of the mouse. If you don’t open the mouse carefully you can rip this cable.

I cut away the small bump. Now it can stuck the microswitch anymore.

The problem is that on the plastic button is a small plastic bump. With a small cutting nipper, I cut away this bump.

The bump is small. But big enough to irritate me.
Small piece I cut out of a mouse gliding pad.

To have a responsive button without too much travel I decided to fill the space that the absence of the little bump gave me. I cut a small rectangle out of one of the old sliding pads. That one is now sticking between the button and the microswitch.

My mouse is working again.


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Just tried this myself and it worked pretty well!
Have to click it a bit different than before, but that’s a small price to pay to actually be able to use the button again/not risk it getting stuck while adjusting volume


I just followed your tutorial, and it works perfectly again !!! Cost me 15 Euros instead of 80. Thanks for that !! It literally didn’t work at all anymore after the button got stuck.

IT WORKED !!! UNBELIEVEABLE… Thank you soo much sir this saved me so much money and time

It works. If you use a hairdryer to heat up the pads they come off much easier and then you can reuse them with some careful positioning.

Much simpler solution that worked fine for me: disable the ‘gesture button’ in the Logitech Options software by configuring the button as ‘None’.

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