I have to disappoint you that I can’t give you the solution today. But be patient. Maybe soon Sony will release special software for it. In the meantime, there is a hack you can use. It involves using the Sony remote management software which will show the viewfinder of the Sony camera on your computer screen. With software as OBS or Streamlabs, you can capture this stream for your video conference software. The coronavirus covid19 crisis has made companies creative to support people who need to stay home because of social distancing. Synology is giving away free VPN licenses, PRUSA 3D printer is sharing how to make a spat protection screen. Hackers are using cheap heart rate sensors to monitor[…]

The MX Master 2S is Logitech’s battleship. Every time when I’m using this mouse I get that warm feeling. It’s just a damn good mouse. But this mouse has a small design flaw which freezes all the function. The mouse on the screen doesn’t move anymore. The good news is that you can fix this problem yourself. The problem resides in the gesture button. When you use the gesture button, a small plastic bump will push a little microswitch. As the mouse gets older this plastic bump can get stuck in the microswitch. The microswitch gets stuck and it doesn’t release itself anymore. When I googled about this problem I found out that I’m not alone with this problem. There[…]

A Chinese man sits at the bar in a crowded cafe, One moment a Vietnamese man comes in and shouts out loud: “Waiter, every one a drink on me, except that Chinese!” The Chinese man laughs and he thanks the man generous. The Vietnamese man explodes in anger and asks the waiter: “Why does the Chinese thank me? I didn’t offer him a free drink” “That’s the boss”, answers the waiter.

Are Anker’s PowerCores the best power banks you can buy? To be honest. I have now serious doubts about the quality of Anker power banks in Asia. I bought an ANKER PowerCore 10400mAh Power Bank two years ago from the official dealer in Vietnam. But in the second year, it started to show big problems. So I decided to tear the PowerCore down to have a look inside. It was not what I was expecting.   My iPhone 7 is an energy-hungry monster. It demands to be charged two or three times a day. On my trips, I want a reliable power bank for the consumption needs of my iPhone. I read many times on the internet that Anker makes the best power[…]

You read it correctly. I think find-my-iPhone is a useless product. Every day I read on Facebook that someone’s phone is snatched on the street. Seldom I read a success story that someone could recover its phone. But mostly it ends in a bitter story. The phone disappears off the face of the earth. I was one of the commenters who will mention using find-my-iPhone if an Apple product was stolen. But slowly I realize it’s a silly recommendation. What is “find my iPhone?” It’s that function built in every Apple’s computer, tablet, and mobile phone. Its name reveals what it does. It helps you to locate your device. In the past, it has helped me many times. I could[…]

The internet is full of blog posts and videos about doing a visa-run. So why I’m also writing one? Because people keep asking on Facebook how to do a visa-run. Companies advertise to offer a fully serviced trip to the border for 30 dollars. I only spend 5 dollars on my visa-runs. In the last years, I have done visa-runs to Cambodia, Laos, Europe, and Taiwan. The organized visa-runs are on a fixed day in the week. Mostly on a Saturday. What if my visa expires on Friday? Then I’m one day too late to renew it. What if I go on an organized visa-run and they cancel it because there were not enough applicants? So always prepare yourself that[…]

Xuenair Macbook Pro stand - Laptop is rock solid stable. Screen is higher

My wishes for Apple OSX 10.15 and the problems I have with OSX 10.14 Since the spring of 2016, I’m using an Apple computer as my daily driver. Before that, I have worked for years with MS-DOS and Windows Computers. I still use Windows. But for continuity OSX is a much better system. I like the clear barrier between what is system and what is your data. The idea that Apple’s security is better is also a big factor. It’s harder to infect an OSX system than a windows system. I have to admit that the improvements that Apple is making to OSX lately are minimum. But for me, that doesn’t feel like a big problem. A car with four[…]