I was interviewed for a Vietnamese news newspaper

I like to comment on Facebook. Not like a complaining Karen. But more asking questions or really try to answer someone’s question. But when I’m in the mood I don’t have any problems writing something sarcasm. Then you find out that not everybody in the same mood. But then I’m like. Don’t use Facebook for a serious question. There are better organizations to help you with your problems.

I think a journalist of the Vietnamese Newspaper found me in a post on Facebook. What else could be the reason? She asked if she could interview me for an article about the opinion of foreigners on the covid19 vaccination passport.

No problem. I have an opinion. She sent me question over the e-mail.

The interview

1 – Pls introduce yourself (age, nationality, occupation)?

My name is Rienk Jan Schurer. a forty-year-old Dutchman.  I’m married and we live in TP.HCM. P13 Q. TB. English educator is my profession. 

 2 – How long have you been in Vietnam? 

I have been in Vietnam since June 2017.

3 – What do you think about applying for Covid-19 vaccine passports in Vietnam? (for people coming back from other countries and for people’s departure from Vietnam)

I think having a vaccine passport is a great idea. In the past when I was traveling, I carried my yellow book. (see attachment) This little book has a list of all the vaccinations I have received for my travels. You can see when I got my shots and how long I’m protected. I’m only afraid of what will be accepted in this future as the official vaccination passport. If I read the media it is like every country is busy with implementing their ideas. A passport. A plastic card. Maybe a blockchain. It feels like the next months will be the wild west with all the new safety standards. How do you proof something is authentic and not a fake document. Maybe traveling in the future will mean that you have to bring a lot of documents, cards, and apps. 

It seems like people are seeing that having a vaccination and a vaccination passport is the new normal. But there isn’t clear proof that with a shot you are not a spreader anymore. My gut is telling me that as long only a small group is vaccinated in a country that this country is not yet welcome in Vietnam. There needs to be some kind of herd immunity. 

4 – Do you support it? Why and why not? 

I support it. But it also gives me the creeps. We have canceled our trip to Europe in 2020. When Europe has Covid-19 under control I would love to travel back. I fear that without a vaccine passport I can’t fly. The airliner could ask for some kind of proof that I’m vaccinated.  Can I get my covid shot in Vietnam or do need to get it/them in the Netherlands. Because of this, I’m worrying that I can’t travel to my home country to get my vaccination. So many questions. 

I don’t feel the need to get my vaccination quickly. Give it first to the old, the weak, and the people who are working on the frontline. I think it can take six or eight more months before I know more about when I can get my vaccination. How I can prove that I’m protected and when there is the possibility that I can visit my family in the Netherlands. 

The article

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Rienk Jan Schurer, a Dutchman living in HCMC, says a vaccine passport might be a great idea but he is afraid of what will be the common standard.

“It feels like the next months will be the wild west with all the new safety standards.

“How do you prove something is authentic and not a fake document?”

People think the vaccine and a vaccination passport is the new normal, but there is no clear proof that following a shot a person is no longer a spreader, he points out.

He would love to travel back to Europe when the continent has Covid-19 under control. He and his wife had canceled their trip last year.

But he says he could wait for his shot since the vaccine should first be given to the old, infirm and people working on the frontlines.

He thinks it could take six or eight months before he knows about his chances of getting vaccinated.

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