Pollution in the northern Netherlands around new year eve.

In Vietnam, the use of fireworks is by law forbidden. But this doesn’t mean there is no firework. On several hotspots around the city of Saigon, there are big firework shows. I prefer big shows over the crap that people in the Netherlands are using. Plus is also generates a lot of pollution.

Normally the 2,5-micron fine dust is around 60 in Saigon. It goes up in the traffic jams and goes down in the evening and night. Let us see how the numbers are now in the Netherlands.

The numbers are now pretty high. In the north of the Netherlands, I’m not surprised. Those areas are so boring that the people there are saving the whole year for this one moment. They are shooting for hundreds of euros a person into the air. The numbers in Amsterdam are surprising. I taught the higher “educated” people there would ignite less firework.

Pollution in the Netherlands is normally lower than in Vietnam. Having clean air is quite a luxury around in Saigon. To give my body the right amount of rest I visit Da Lat often. There the air is way cleaner.

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