Meditation tips from Vietnam

There are two types of meditation, active meditation, and static meditation. Active meditation is the one you can practice in your daily life, in each of your actions, you put all your mind in it, it’s called mindfulness. Static meditation is the one you practice by sitting in silence, concentrate your mind. A good active meditation in daily life will support well for the time you do static meditation sitting silently.

Active meditation for me is just simple like you do all good things in the daytime, then at night, no worries will be left in your mind, so that you can sleep well or sit meditation well.

For me in Buddhism, I can apply Nobble Eightfold Path to gain good active meditation. For you, you can find any methods which fit you well.

And since I also love to sit in silence contemplating sometimes, so I find meditation is good for me as well.

Just basically start it right now. Gradually, you will find out what suits you well later.

  1. Find a silent place, ideal for being alone;
  2. Find a good pose (could be lotus/ half lotus) or just simply sit in a chair with straightening back;
  3. Close your eyes and relaxing;
  4. Listening to your breath in and out, breathe deeper gradually each time inhale and exhale. If your mind once loose its track from the breath and wandering around, don’t worry, keep it back again and practice. It needs time to get used to the silence.

And keep in mind that, everything has its true nature of Impermanent. Nothing stays constant forever, everything will fade away, will change. So does the mind. In the beginning, the mind will wander around a lot, thinking past and future, let it be. But remember that imagination is not real for the NOW and let it fade away naturally, don’t oppress it.

For some first day or first few weeks, just stay silent and enjoy the silent moments of being alone, of being free, and watch out taking care of yourself, your thoughts.

You can start with every durations you like, which could be 10-20-30 mins each session.

Could be in the early morning or before going to bed, or both.

And you could use the app Insight timer, for timing your session, to find motivation from surrounding meditation practitioners, or to find the guide that suits you well, try it.

8 march 2017 by Nguyen Thanh Nhan

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