The difference between printing under Windows and Macosx

This is a post I wanted to write in 2006. But somehow the scans were forgotten. The Corona crisis gives me the change to clean up some old folders on my computer. I founded two files with scans I made in 2006. Those two scans gave me the feeling that Apple understands the importance of the design market. I used back then an HP laserjet 4L printer with just 1 megabyte of ram.

In 2006 I needed to overhaul the carburetor of my Peugeot 205. I founded online the blueprints on how to do this. So I try to print it with Windows. But somehow it was unreadable. I knew my printer was not the best printer. But it was reliable. I already owned it since 2000. I printed every week a dozen documents for school. With just text, it was the best printer. But when I wanted to print anything graphical you could see the printer was struggling. I don’t know what happened back then. But I decided to print the document from my notebook. Back then it was a White Macbook. The difference was like day and night. I think that since that day I never ever used Windows anymore to print something. Somehow the Macosx drivers could handle the graphical images better than the windows driver. This printer was introduced in 1992. So you should think that the drivers are already fully developed after all those years.

This will be the first of many throwback posts. I find a lot of old stuff on my hard drives I want to share with the internet.

How did it look like when printed with Windows

How did it look like when printed with Macosx

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