A bright spot in my iPhone 11 screen

Both the shop and Apple didn’t saw the big bright line in my screen as a cause for swap under the warranty. This is my story about how my brand new Apple iPhone 11 was returned after one day. But it took a week before I got a new one.

My old iPhone 7 had another big crash. It was restarting every 5 minutes. The battery was not detected anymore. After three years and three months, the phone was complexly worn-out. What is a good successor? I decided to go for the iPhone 11. The PRO is in my eyes to expensive and too fancy. The OLED screen offers more pixels then I can see. The third camera doesn’t give me an advantage because I love to walk. I can walk to the object. No need to zoom. Every phone I owned is hidden in a case. So that the PRO is made out of a shiny metal also doesn’t help. I would choose an iPhone 11 PRO if that phone had a USB type C port. But Apple is not yet ready to slaughter that cash cow. So I decided that the Apple iPhone 11 will be a good phone for the years to come.

In Vietnam buying a new phone is totally different experience than I’m used to. In the Netherlands, they give you the phone in a sealed box and you just sign your signature. In Vietnam, they get you a new phone. Together with the salesperson, you will check that the phone is still in a sealed box. The salesperson will fill in the IMEI number of the phone on a special Apple website. The response is that this phone is never activated before and that there is no iCloud connected to that phone. They really want to give you the feeling that the phone is brand new. After this first step, you can open the seal and inspect the phone closely. If you are satisfied you can turn the phone on and start using it. This all happens before you even buy the phone.

I bought the phone in the evening. When I came home I started the IOS iPhone to iPhone wizard to transfer all information from my old iPhone 7 to the new iPhone 11. This took all night so I went to bed.

Do you see a problem with this screen?

The next day I start using the phone with natural sunlight. Somewhere in my mind felt something was not right. I saw discolorization on the right of the screen. Not under every situation. But it was there. I felt irritated by it. Like a splinter in my mind. I saw it and I didn’t saw it. It was hardly noticeable. But I had spent the day before enough money not to ignore it. The problem was that not everybody could see the problem. I showed my phone to other people. Some people saw this fault in the screen. Others didn’t.

I need proof to show there is something really wrong with the screen of an 800 dollar phone. So I made pictures with my DLSR in RAW mode. The advantage of shooting photos in RAW mode is that it has a wide color range. On the phone, I installed an app that shows one color on the whole screen. With the exposure slider, I was able to get the proof that in the screen something was really wrong.

When I move the exposure slider you can see the problem clearly.

We went back to the shop. The seller doesn’t see the problem. Luckily I made the RAW photos that can show the problem more clearly. The shop decided to keep the phone and to show it to the technical service department.

Shortly I got the answer that the shop could see the problem. But that Apple didn’t see this a cause for warranty. Excuse me. I see under different situations a big distortion in a screen of a 800 dollar phone and Apple says this is not under warranty? The company is always bragging that they use the best LCD panels on the market.

The good news is that the phone will replace the faulty iPhone 11 with a new version. But because the first one is a special export from Hong Kong I have to wait a couple of days so they can prepare it to change it with a Vietnamese version.

After a week I could pickup a new iPhone 11 from the shop. By opening the box for inspection I spend extra time to also inspect the screen under every possible angle and lightning I could find in the shop.

What worries me is that Apple still is searching for excuses not to help there customers with problems. Every presentation they are telling the world that they are making the best products ever. But when customers have problems they are left in the cold.

I really hope that one day I can break out of my Apple addiction.

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